How to purchase a Red Moon Lab

If you email and do not get a response within 24 hours, please call. 913-634-0681. I hear my emails are not all going though. Sorry for the inconvenience.


The first step to getting a Red Moon Labrador is to  fill out the puppy questionnaire. or call so that we might have a conversation  about what type of dog you are looking for. What your personal use would be for your future best friend. I care deeply about each puppy I produce and want to give them the very best start possible. In order to do that I need to know your future plans, your dreams, for your new puppy. We only breed a few litters a year and our waiting list can be very important. There is no deposit to be on the waiting list. We wait until after the litter is born, in order to make sure we have the puppy you want. We then ask for a $200.00 non refundable deposit. We want you to be ready and able to care for your new puppy when it does arrive. The waiting list helps us to decide if we have enough great homes for the puppies that we will be bringing in to the world. Once your puppy has arrived you will find the Mother’s Puppy Page, on our website, to keep up with the progress of your litter. We will be taking pictures of the litter from early days until the puppies are ready to come to your home to live. Puppies that are shipped have been started on crate training. We pull them from the litter several days before they fly,  get them comfortable with the crate, and driving in the car. I believe by doing so they are ready when they have their big day of travel.  There are not so many “new” things to conquer. It is not such a scary experience.

Red Moon Labrador puppies are sold on limited registration.

If you have any more questions please call Kandi at 913-634-0681 or email [email protected]

I have been told that not all of my emails are coming though to me. If you do not hear from in with in 24 hours PLEASE call me.