Yellow or Red? Which is it?


Although we have a passion for the very darkest of the Yellow Labradors. The one’s that they call Fox Red, we know and support the fact that they are indeed Yellow Labradors. We do not charge a premium for color.

With permission from Red Diamond Labradors we are using this picture to show you the difference in Yellow with highlights and Fox Red. These two puppies were litter mates from two Fox Red Labradors. As you can tell the color really ranges from puppy to puppy.

Finding the right puppy for you and your home is one of my most important jobs. Color, although striking is not the most important part of your future puppy. Personality is by far the most important. If you have a puppy that is the right color and the right fit it is great. If you have a puppy that is not the right fit for your home, it doesn’t matter what color they are it just doesn’t work. 

This is a true story.  I had a father and young daughter come to look at my last puppy, from a litter. The little girl, about 5, was a beautiful child, full of life and energy. Running and jumping and so happy to be getting a puppy. They were here for awhile and in my heart I knew there was a problem. My last puppy was shy. She kept running and hidding from the little girl. I told her father, as gently as possible, I couldn’t sell her THIS puppy. It was so sad to disappoint that little girl. She wanted that puppy, but I couldn’t in good faith let her have it. To say the least Dad was not happy, and they left. …….A few months later I was in a store and this same man came up to me and asked if I remembered him?  I did, and he replied ” I just want to shake your hand and say THANK YOU.”  You see he did not understand what I was saying until he went to their next puppy visit. There they found a very out going puppy. She climbed all over that sweet little girl. He understood what I had been saying about being the RIGHT fit. He said the second puppy sleeps everynight with his daughter, they are always together. He GOT IT.