Brags and Wags

Some of our puppies reviews from their new homes.
Hello Kandi!
Yesterday was Lad’s 1 year birthday!  We thought you might want to see your big boy a year later so here he is…all 90lbs.  I must tell you his retrieve is excellent…really took to the water this past spring.  We love him dearly!


Elly has been a true gift from day one.  She is doing great.  I think if I put her smile up against her mothers she would win all teeth squinted eyes it is a hoot, it makes her sneeze-so she has figured out if she puts a toy or blanket in her mouth she can still squint her eyes but not sneeze.  With in the last month she has really stated to catch on to fetch outside-it took awhile anything at first distracted her out there- she just had to get used to her outdoor environment.  Put in an invisible fence and it is going very well, our little girl always did listen to me -not so much to Bob if she thought she could run 3 lots down and see  their lab pup away she went.  She would always stop and look at him when called-and then run off:).  Bob is loving the invisible fence.  Do to the cold water temperature, my knee operation, and our traveling I have only tried to get her in the lake once-She wanted nothing to do with it!  jewel was the same way slow starter too and then loved it.  I will have to take some recent pictures of her and then figure out how to get them e-mailed to you.  She is leggy, and lean then again maybe we just got used to short and square after Jewel.  I take her to work with me and she and Diesel my son’s English bull dog get along great, and when we travel or if I think she is bored I take her to Pet Smart to play with other dogs.  Since we were gonea week in March and now 2 week in early june I think they could name the place Elly Smart:)  She is my true companion always by my side right now curled up in a chair in my office, at night on the couch by me, sleeps in bed with us or her kennel which is in our bedroom.  When we left her this time I said to Bob do you think she will remember me and want to leave all the dogs at Pet Smart? His answer, she is a bright dog she Knows she has the good life and could not be loved more.  Thank you Kandi – for she is MY JOY:)


Hi Kandi, it’s Jon again. First off, I just want to say thank you so much for such an unbelievable dog. I honestly couldn’t have hoped for anything better. He’s far exceeded any expectations I could have had.


Red's Female


I know that I am entirely prejudiced, but I think Ginger is the smartest puppy I’ve ever had!  She seems to understand sit, she retrieves, she actually heels, she sleeps all night, she’s learnt how to go up stairs, but going down is still too scary.  She seems to have won the cats over, and they even tolerate her wanting to play.  Of course, she’s not a teenager yet…..

Everyone thinks she’s very beautiful, and our friends want to take her home with them.

We’re scheduled for the third set of shots for 3/29.

Thank you so much for letting Miss Ginger become part of our family.  She’s a wonderful puppy.

Will keep you posted!


lilly pup and baby